HC MID at Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium

Holy Cross Manuscripts, Inscriptions and Documents Club was well represented at the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research, hosted at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in December, 2012. Six current club members and one alumna took part in a panel on “Research on manuscripts of the Homer Multitext project.”

Video of the session has now been posted on vimeo. The panel was planned as a single, continuous presentation, but the video is split into four parts, linked, in sequence, here:

  1. How were the physical pages of a manuscript produced and bound? Identifying quire divisions in three unpublished manuscripts,” Stephanie Lindeborg ’13, and Melissa Browne, ’12.
  2. How were text and commentary organized and laid out? Examples from the Venetus A manuscript,” Sean Bonawitz, Furman University ’13, and Nikolas Churik ’15.
  3. Further examples from Escorial Upsilon 1.1,” Brian Clark ’15 and Becky Musgrave ’14.
  4. How were were scholarly notes, or scholia, edited? Sources and working methods of the Venetus A scholiast,” Matt Angiolillo ’13 and Tom Arralde ’13.
  5. Discussion following the panel session.